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I was born and I live in the northern flemisch speaking part of Belgium. 


At an early age already I showed a lot of interest in nature and especially birds then. I remember at the age of 12 I could watch the swallows, martins and swifts flying around our house, and how difficult it was back then without binoculars or field guide to separate them. I admired the agility of the swifts dissapearing at great speed and accuracy in the narrow gaps between the roof tiles of neighbouring constructions.


Soon my mother bought me a pair of binoculars, and this is an attribute I carry ever since, now being it a more recent one and another brand.


After marriage all spare time and holidays was spent birdwatching together with my wife Linda, who got infected with the virus. And budget permitting photo gear came in; the share of photography grew considerably over the years and has taken over the birdwatching share since my retirement. 


By coincidence at that time I met Yves Adams, a professional nature photographer, and things exploded then; new gear came in, travel increased and also the photo skills. The build up nature and animal behaviour knowledge helped a lot to catch and/or create photo opportunities.


Enjoy the pictures.

Julien Herremans

Viesenboslaan 45

B - 2242 Pulderbos


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