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A triatlon at only 5 km from my home. Last year I was not there

, but this time I did not miss this opportunity.

For many people the weather was extremely good: dry and warm, sunshine all day, but a nightmare for the photographer. The harsh light takes away all the color and atmosphere in your picture. It was 32° in the shade, and where was the shade? Practically nowhere.

So I did not photograph the swimming that was in the Netekanaal: no shade at all. When looking at the parcours of the cycling and running there was only limited choice of where to position myself. I thought the best option was to take a 500mm lens. I photographed the cycling of the men's 1/4 triatlon in the morning. But the 500mm was not the best choice; if I wanted to have the subject in the shade then there was always something ruining the picture: branches of trees, signposts, people or a bad background.

In the afternoon I went back with a 300mm, and yes that was it. The competitors were also a more interesting subject: female or veteran - sorry young guys. My aim was to try to register the suffering - sorry again - of the athletes and I expected that more here. Especially the running where the faces are not 'helmeted' I expected some great opportunities in these harsh conditions for the sporters. And oh boy was this harsh; several times I heard the sirens of the ambulances wherein people were taken care of who could not cope with the heath. All respect!

More pictures in the 'Sports' album

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