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The roof, 4th visit

Weather forecast last Monday triggered my desire to go to the Hautes Fagnes one more time; a 25 to 30 cm snow cover was predicted till Thursday.

So the camper was prepared and off I went on Tuesday morning, despite the fact that I hate going on school holidays, being afraid too many people would have the same ideas. But I know that bad weather is in my favor.

The plan was to go to the northeastern part which is a more forested area with the river Weser (German) or Vesder (Flemish) running through. This is an area that is hardly visited by tourists; it is harder to reach and parking space is very limited; luckily there is a very well situated official camper place.

On my afternoon walk I only met a few people. The weather was menacing, but it stayed dry apart from two short mini snowstorms that were for me very welcome: everything for the picture!

The night was cold. More snow had fallen and it looked as if more was coming. The plan was to go to the Brackvenn on the road from Eupen to Monschau; so should I stay or should I go; risky drive! I finally went. I knew the two parking lots near the Venn would be no go zone for me as there would certainly be too much snow for my heavy hint wheel driven vehicle; just before the border with Germany thou there is asphalted parking for a few cars beside the road; problem was that all the snow from the road was pushed to the side by the snowploughs. But I was prepared. With a snow shovel I cleared some space so I could safely park.

I finally had breakfast and prepared for my walk. But the weather got very bad; a lot of wind with powder snow going horizontally; my weather app predicted this kind of conditions for the rest of the day: impossible to go out photographing in these conditions. I was stuck and the road was full of snow: very tricky. After a while I saw a snowplough coming; I presumed he would turn around at the German border and head back down to Eupen. So he did. That was my chance and I drove right behind him to Eupen and further down to Malmedy.

Next morning the plan was to check a place where I had seen dipper (waterspreeuw) and yellow wagtail (grote gele kwikstaart). The roads were free from snow here so it would be possible to reach the site. But the birds were not there! So I headed back to the Brackvenn; It proved to be the right decision. The conditions were right: 25 to 30cm of snow, changeable weather and no people; I only met one other guy during my walk in this amazingly beautiful landscape.

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