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Rednecked Grebes 1

It is already a few years now that I am trying to get some decent pictures of these grebes. In Latvia it failed simply because the ponds where they normally breed were dry. In Estonia they stayed too far away and lacking a floating hide ..... The second time in Estonia I tried to go into the water but the pond was so muddy it was a too risky business.

Getting into the water with a floating hide is the way to do it, no question about that! I talked about it with Lukasz Boch and Marcin Baranowski of Elizjumbb ( when I was there photographing cranes last September and October with them. No problem arranging rednecked grebes for the next breeding season! I booked for 13 to 20/5/2024.

The birds were back early this season; second week of April they were already displaying! I could not wait! I booked a cheap flight (€70,-) to Poland leaving on Monday and back on Thursday. Monday evening I was already in the water, no time to waste. I had 5 floating hide sessions of which one was a total failure due to fierce wind blowing; impossible to get shots then. Overall conditions in fact were not favorable; it was mostly cloudy and grey and also cold. But it was great fun and a good experience for the mid may sessions; I could study their behavior and test how they react to the presence of the floating hide.

And yes you have to be very careful. Move very very very slowly and stay out of their 'zones'. It is clear that they have a sector around the intentional nest site where they sleep, swim around and prune their feathers, and a second sector where they feed. Stay out of these areas! If not they will move away and you do not see them back again!

So here is what I got. For the mid may sessions I ordered fog and sunrise! Keep you posted.

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Good heavens... magnificent story and enchanting pics!


Helemaal akkoord met Roy Linskens !

Met de groeten van Paul en Rita


Cold, windy and/or wet… however Julien… not my immediate problem!

I couldn’t care less, but as long as you keep posting these beautiful pictures, I will keep thanking you for them! 😎

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