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On tuesday in the early afternoon i joined my wife, Linda, walking the dog. Well this is: we walk and the dog runs hin and forth. We went to the outskirts of the local nature reserve where the dog can run free at least for some time.

I had my new 500mm 5,6 PF lens with me just to play around with testing the VR and focus tracking. I did not have any particular goal in mind and did not expect to photograph 'keepers' ; just a check of the results and then delete it all. Yes, i know, for some people the doctor is kept away by clicking and not by eating apples!

Look, said Linda, that is strange, that meadow there looks frozen all over. It had been cold that night, but not freezing. On a closer look the whole meadow was covered in silky spider rag!

A few days earlier it had rained a lot and the small meandering stream that runs trough the nature reserve, could not hold the water and inundated the meadow. What unforeseen coincidence made me put on my wellingtons when leaving home?!! So i went in: spider rag everywhere, even in the bushes and trees unto 2 meter height!

The 500mm performed well; these 3 images are taken at 1/500, 1/400 and 1/800s handheld , crouched and trying to stay dry.

But after all this is not the equipment a photographer should use for this kind of job. The problem is the minimum focusing distance of 3 meter. So i decided to come back next morning with a 300mm 2,8 that focusses at 1,4meter.

I was so glad there was heavy fog on wednesday morning, and i looked forward to the moment the sun (perfectly located) would break the fog and give me some magical light in this scenery. But at 11,30h the fog was still persistent and i had to go back home.

Following images are taken with 300mm on monopod.

After lunch i quickly got back on my bike taking macro lens and tripod with me; but in no time the sky cleared. OK, things can happen, no disaster.

But there was disaster in the meadow: all the silk was gone! Totally disappeared; how could that happen; i do not know (the wind?)

From now on i will keep an eye on this meadow, because it appeared the only place in the reserve where this strange thing happened!

You can see more pictures here:

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