Magic morning at my local patch

In these corona times our mobility is restrained. Travels are cancelled so I spent much more time in my neighborhood. But possibilities are limited here; the interesting areas are small in size and very frequented. Certainly now when a lot of people are at home and schools are closed there is more walking and cycling going on as car use is limited to 'undispensible' use. So people end up in the very vulnerable nature patches where the pressure on local wildlife is high. Moreover you find waste along the tracks thrown away by undisciplined laymen. What a shame. I hope some of them will understand that these rare green areas are so important and that they will be nature protectors in the future.

My time in the field is around sunrise and sunset and I hardly see anybody then. The last fortnight I spent 6 mornings in the forest with view on open field camouflaged waiting for sunrise. Success was limited; the target species: hare and row deer showed up but always too early when it was still too dark to get decent pictures.

At other times I went to the outskirts of the private area with some beautiful lakes. And sunrise and sunset were magical the last few days. What a joy it was seeing kingfishers flying around, hearing the bittern calling and seeing the grebes courting. Big advantage of a crisis like this is much less environmental noise and absence of white stripes in the sky from air traffic.

I also had an exceptional encounter with a polecat (bunzing). Unfortunately the 3 pictures I could take are not sharp enough to publish here, but it was an amazing moment.

My selection of pictures (21) can be seen here: or you can go to the home page of my website and click the 'in my backyard' album.

Thanks for watching and eventual comments.

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