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Invisible wolves

They told me a lot of patience was needed to have a chance of seeing them; I knew because I had been at the same location already in October 2018; 4 minutes wolf then for 60 hours of sitting and waiting and looking his eyes out.

This time we got up at 04,00h, ate breakfast and prepared our lunch. Then it was a very, very, very bumpy and slippery ride up the mountain in a 4x4 beast to the hide, where i disappeared for the day at around 05,00h not to get out before dark, that was between 17 and 18,00h. 6 days in a row or about 75 hours.

The good company of fellow German (very skilled) photographers Klaus Tamm (, Reiner Leifried ( and Theo Grüntjens made the waiting a lot easier. At the end of the day we encouraged ourselves and tomorrow will be better and we will see wolf then; but so it remained for the rest of the week! Why did I choose this damn hobby? But that's the way things go for nature photographers: sometimes you got all the luck (cf. otters: and sometimes you loose. And you understand and accept that, although there are plenty of wolves around, it remain highly elusive and clever animals, masters in avoiding human contact.

So we concentrated on what else was around before the hide, many small birds and a buzzard and ravens visiting the feeding site once and a while.

picture: Reiner Leifried

picture: Reiner Leifried

picture: Reiner Leifried

The pictures of this trip can be seen here:


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