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Into the water

Picture: Boris Belchev. Posing at sunset after a 4 hour plunge.

Last week I was photographing in Lithuania in the Nemunas Delta. We went into the water in drysuits and kept hidden from the waterfowl in the incredible handy inflatable floating hides like they are made by Mr. Jan Gear (to have a closer look visit ).

We had the possibility to test the 2 versions. I used the latest version, which is lighter, compacter in transport and has an even lower angle to the water. I already used the first version on several occasions, and I feel happy in both.

In the water ready to go.

We were driven into a nice spot in the delta that was as good as it can be for the job: never too deep, nice vegetation and wildfowl all around.

And then it was up to you to get close to interesting things and get some nice pictures. This is so much more fun than photographing from a fixed hide, where bait is laid out or a water feature attracts wildlife. Depending on the conditions you can choose your position and target yourself and be more creative. We had a morning session, which means out of bed at 03,15h, in the boat at 04,00h and in the water at around 05,00h; between 09,00 and 10,00h the light was getting bad and then we went for breakfast (second sometimes). Dinner was at 16,00h and the evening session started at 18,00h and went on till dark, which was around 22,00h

Thanks to Mr. Jan Gear for making this possible. It was a most enjoyable week with a lack of sleep. Still catching up.

More images in the 'Lithuania' album.

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