In the garden

Normally I would be in Sweden with my wife Linda. Our motorhome was ready and time was right, but corona decided otherwise.

With the travel ban we are restricted to our own area and this time I took it very accurately: my own garden.

The first rain after a more than 20 days dry period created some very welcome opportunities. April/may is the nicest period in my garden; a lot of things in flower as I grow mostly alpine plants and drought tolerant ones; the last ones more and more in anticipation of summers getting warmer, drier and hotter.

The main alpines already flower in February/march and now it are the aethionema, aquilegia, meconopsis, phlox and daphne flowering, and especially the daphnes spread their incredible pleasant smell all over the garden.

The rain of today was very welcome, but I hope there is more to come.

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