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Forest walks

Last week we visited the GDT festival (Gesellschaft Deutscher Tierfotografen) in Lünen Germany. Apart from looking at all the wonderfull pictures it was a pleasure meeting some of my passionate colleagues nature photographers there and contemplating about our future plans.

From there we decided to go and enjoy the autumn colors in the forests of Westerwald that is about 100km south of Lünen.

We were a bit too early for the full autumn display, but nevertheless with the beautiful weather and good light and fog one morning it was most enjoyable.

Sad however to see that the type setter beetle (letterzetter) causes so much damage to (luckily) mainly the pine trees; There is simply not enough labour and machinery to get the job done; there are everywhere along the trails piles of trunks waiting for a buyer. Prices have collapsed because there is simply too much of this wood that is mainly used for inferior quality products (chipboard, palettes).

The good thing is that probably more broad-leafed species will be planted instead for future generations to enjoy (I will not be among them, I presume (-: ).

It was a most enjoyable outing, and as you can see on the video below, our little dog agrees.

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