Foggy mornings

What a delight for a photographer, those early mornings with fog and a little frost!

In winter even more. For the cold you can dress and you don't have to get out of the warm bed at 03,00h like in summer, at 07,00h is alright; sunrise is only at 08,20h! What a treat!

In my local patch there is a meadow where in these conditions spider rag is everywhere; I don't know why but it is full of spider rag on top of the vegetation; there is 10 to 20cm of water in this field, so you have to be prepared; no way changing lenses there; I take 2 bodies, one with a 24-70mm and the other one with a 105mm macro and a tripod of course.

This opportunity only lasts a few hours in the morning. In an earlier blog you could read that I discovered this phenomenon when walking the dog in the morning. I only had a 300mm with me then (trying to have some action shots of our little dog). I decided to go back after lunch with more adequate equipment, but yes everything gone!! No spider rag anymore!.

This time the first morning I had a clear sky with a beautiful sunrise with fog coming and going; the second morning the fog was dense and only cleared after 10 when the sun is already too high. I then concentrated more on interesting landscape compositions.

The rest of the images (39) can be found on the 'In my backyard' photo album on the website


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