Eagle Owl

An interview in a local newspaper about the find of a nesting eagle owl in the area was brought to my attention. The news spread around in the area and rumors built up and with the days the places i had to look for it narrowed down to one. I spent several evenings trying to locate the birds but in vain.

Finally it was a friend of mine who jogs and walks the dogs there, who discovered the exact breeding place. Next day in the afternoon we went to have a look. To our surprise the birds were active: the adult birds flew off to hide in the canopy of the trees, but the young birds took position not too far away in solitary trees with open canopy.

Of course i had adequate gear with me and i took my chances trying to approach one of them after careful observation of the terrain and the behavior of the bird

It took me 15 minutes to get in photographing position, although it seemed like an hour to me! Heartbeat was at 150 when i tried to get my tripod into position in the difficult terrain.

The bird was kind to me:

I was very happy with my pictures when editing them at home, at least for a while, because i wanted more: the adults! So I retried several evenings and on occasions I saw them flying but no photographic opportunities because of the distance, birds hiding or the light too low. S I decided to give it a try in the morning, hoping for better conditions. And it paid off; on the 3rd morning an adult bird sat on the tree that I had earmarked to be a good resting place for them.

Afterwards this seemed to have been the last and only occasion to photograph the adult bird. The following days the young birds were no longer around; they did not get any food any more from the parents and they dispersed in the surroundings, and the adult bird - when I saw it - was constantly hiding.

It was exiting and a joy to have these birds around, and i sincerely hope they come back next year!

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