This nasty virus caused a dramatic switch in my photographic endeavors, as you will have guessed.

A camper holiday to Oland, Sweden for watching the spring bird migration was the first in a row; a floating hide session in Kazachstan followed, and another camper outing to Norway to photograph Great Snipe was the next; and it did not stop: Mongolia was cancelled too. The next thing I am hoping for is a trip to Belarus for Red Deer courtship. In the meantime we are anxiously waiting for the reopening of the borders with our neighboring countries; the camper is ready!

But we kept ourselves busy and tried to be creative in our restricted playground.

Dragonflies were a very pleasant alternative. Very early morning and late evening work, but that does not matter. As a nature photographer I like being on my own. Especially the morning from 05,00 to 08,00h were a real pleasure, and I had some quite fantastic with fog and a beautiful sunrise.

Identifying the dragonflies was a bit of a challenge, but is was a real treat getting to know their behavior; it is a fascinating world.

Hope you like it and if you want to see the whole gallery, it is in the 'Corona times' album.

Till the next one and enjoy.

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