Basketbal, 1st time.

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

This is a difficult sport to photograph.

Firstly you have to try to get in with your gear; at the highest level as an amateur photographer maybe you get in but you can not move around. Best option is to go for lower division matches. And I must say (as a former player) I was really surprised by the level of play; moreover these games are played by Belgians and they can be black as you see; I like it because it is a bonus for a photographer. I could move around freely and do my thing. Of course I behaved and took careful notice not to disturb anybody. The game I attended ended with a 103-101 score after one extra 5 minutes play (90-90 after regular 4x10min.) and there was a lot of action and emotion. I do not know if you ever attended matches in the first division but I warn you: take earplugs. This is so horrible the loudness of the speaker and the music: I hate it. I went to see a match of the Antwerp Giants once and, yes, NEVER AGAIN!

Second problem are the overall conditions; it is played indoors and it goes very fast. The light inside can be very hard to control (spots) or weak. The background can be very disturbing too. You need a fast camera that can cope with high iso and fast lenses with apertures of at least 2,8 to keep the iso down. For the time being I only have a crop camera that can perform. These pictures are all taken with a Nikon D500 in combination with a 70-200mm lens with 2,8 aperture. Exposure was on manual. Next time I will try with a proper full frame body with a 300mm 2,8 lens.

You will find more pictures under the 'Sports' photo album on the home page.

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