2 days of fog

Nature photographers like fog. It creates a mysterious atmosphere and above all it hides the ugly things in the landscape, just like snow does.

This make me think about the recently published e-book of the skilled Belgian landscape photographer Bart Heirweg: 'de mooiste fotolocaties' (the most beautiful photo locations) . Interesting tool. There is an audience for it just because the places are so scarce, it are all oases in our incredibly crowded landscape in Flanders.

I live about 20 km east of Antwerp in what we here call a rural village, but it is an environment without horizon. I can not see any horizon, no sunrise or sunset for me, always something that blocks the view. When I do try to photograph something the picture is infested by so many things like towers, power lines, cranes, pylons, buildings and airplane plumes that 'decorate' the sky. Maybe I should buy the book.

But back to the fog. 2 beautiful foggy days last week and I was out before sunrise on some ponds in the Antw<erp Kempen. The first day it had been cold at night and the fog was not dense. At sunrise the evaporation of the water created a golden glow on the water . This does not last long so you have to catch every opportunity for an interesting picture without delay, choosing, the right position for a nice frame and hoping that the animals 'behave' as you hope.

The second day the fog was very dense. Driving to the location was already challenging, but circumstances were promising. The waiting started for the moment the sky would clear and the sun would break thru and create an amazing scenery. But it did not happen. At 09,30h still dense fog, and by then the sun is already too high and would be too intense when breaking thru. So I moved location and spend some socializing time with a 'brother in arms' also waiting in vain for the magical moment.

Some more foggy picture here: https://www.recent-work-uncl-1.julienherremansphotography.com

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